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The Story

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At 14 years old, I did my first glider flight and knew that I had to pursue a career in aviation.

To fund my dream, I got a 2 jobs at Buenos Aires city center. The first one from 9:00 to 14:00 Cold-Approaching tourists on the street to sell them tourist attractions and activities. And the second one from 15:00 to 20:00 as a call center representative at Samsung offices.

On the left of the photo you can see one of my colleagues of that time holding the sign I used to hold too.

Moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates at 18 years old and got a job at a clothing brand. It was 2015 I had just recently moved to Dubai and was earning 5,000 US Dollars per month. – five times more than what I had been making just a few months before in Buenos Aires.

I worked for six months and saved whatever I could; then, my girlfriend at the time and I set off on a journey to explore China, Japan, and Macau for 3 full months. This was still during 2015.

Whilst in Japan I knew that I wanted to have that freedom of not being attached to any location any longer and reading online I discovered that Digital Marketing offered a novel way to work for yourself online.

When I came back to Dubai I had an accident while playing football and had to be in bed for a full month without income. I started doing a web development course in HTML and CSS.

Once I finished I called all the people I knew in Dubai and offered them a free website as long as they paid hosting. They all agreed. The only price I'd charge is a recommendation if they liked my work.

During this time I broke with my girlfriend and had to sustain on my own, going back to Argentina was never an option.

Money wasn't great (I was renting a tiny maids room) and It took several months to get this going but it eventually did.

This is how the room looked like.

When I became more proficient at marketing things online and being able to fully code my own websites connect marketing pixels and just run an online show on my own an opportunity came up.

I partnered up with four English guys and we started organising events at popular Dubai venues. I still remember the exact moment where things took off due to a viral Facebook video ad, before marketing on social media was cool.

I was in charge of all things acquisition and online ops (booking site, connection to venues) for over two years.

And now after that journey I'm building Kim & Kimmy.

I Track Myself

Have you ever thought about why humans don't have any indicators to track their lives, while businesses often track performance with dozens of metrics? We often drive through life without any real understanding of our progress. It's like trying to drive a car without a fuel or tire indicators, and of course, No mirrors.

From August 2021 to August 2022, I tracked every single measurable aspect of my life and am currently working on an improved version that makes tracking easier and less time consuming.

I believe that being able to quantify something is essential for improvement. So what rituals have the most impact on your overall productivity/mood/health/sleep/shape?

I feel humans are driving through "life" without any indicator, and to me it's just crazy to live this way.

Why is it normal that you don't remember where you have the PDF of your last blood-test?

What do your good days depend on?

This screenshot only shows 167 days out of the 365.

I'm Suspicious of Fast Pleasure

I suspect anything that promises instant gratification, from fast food to social media, and tend to focus on activities that provide long-term fulfilment. Pleasure and Fulfillment are two different things I disagree with most people on.

That's why I don't smoke, rarely drink, fast 20 hours a day, sleep at 10pm, don't eat gluten or processed meats and foods with sugar, and make sure I'm getting 90% of my vegetables and fruits organic.

Rather than chilling out or listening to music, I choose educational podcasts, boring but nutritional food over junk & delicious options, and exercise instead of Netflix.

I like to live:

Boring but fulfilling.

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