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Cashvertising's Ego-Morphing

The principle of Ego-Morphing boils down to making your product/service a direct association with a character trait your prospect wants to acquire or wants more of.

It's placing your Product/Service (now on: P/S) as *the thing* that will close the gap between where they currently stand and where they want to get. It serves as an accesory to become what they want.

For example the Marlboro man, what is making you switch brands is not the ad direction or the brand.

Who doesn't want to look like this guy!?

But the person who you're associating with the brand. The Marlboro man which is a manliness standard, who as men, we want more of.

Men who want/need this manliness aspect will buy or even dare to start smoking to feel more like the Marlboro man.

Or perfume ads with top men and women models, Victoria Secret and so many more brands.

Ego-Morphing is banking on what your P/S can help the prospect become and also the status they want to signal.

## References:
Cashvertising pg. 34

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