Kim & Kimmy

Kim & Kimmy - DTC Ecom Baby Diaper & Wipes Brand

This is not a sales pitch. Just my thoughts on what we've been building.

Building a value-giving brand in a such unfairly monopolised industry. Everyone forgot about the parents.

Kim & Kimmy is a new exciting and data-driven brand that gets parents back in the spotlight.

The day the first two containers arrived.

Our advanced DTC approach (that actually works) enables brands like ours to pour profits back into creating even more valuable products/services to the parents we serve.

The product itself its outstanding:

-> Ultra Thin (I'm biased but it's really the thinnest by far)

-> Super Soft (I'm biased but it's really the softest by far)

-> At last.. A relatable brand for parents.

-> Genuinely focused on creating deliberate value for the people we serve

Rapidly Expanding Worldwide: