Law of Category

How can you make sure that your customers remember who you are?
What variables increase memorability?
Why are some things memorable?

This concept comes from "The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing", it's called the Law of Category and will help your brand be remembered even if it was the latest one to arrive to the industry.

People think in categories not in brands. There's intangible real estate within categories. Imaginary real estate your brand can take.

That's why you remember Amelia Earhart. Not because she was the third person to fly the Atlantic solo.

But because she was the first woman to do so.

If you aren't first to your market. Invent a category of your own. In which you'll be a Monopoly in. What is your product/service first in? How can you market as the first in XYZ category?

Create a category in which you'll own the first place in. Invest marketing dollars to create this category a top of mind one.

Tools of Titans pg. 276