Length Implies Strength Heuristic

Heuristics is another word for "intelligent guesswork", not based on a deep rationale, but based on assumptions and previous experiences.

Researches Stec and Bernstein (1999), out forth their own three heuristics models:
- Length Implies Strength
- Liking Agreement or Balance Theory ( [[Cialdini CLARCCS Cues]]) Liking Agreement
- Consensus Implies Correctness ( [[Cialdini CLARCCS Cues]]) Comparison

Length Implies Strength is the only heuristic model (from Stec and Bernstein) that is not covered in Cialdini's book.

The length implies strength heuristic banks on the cue that if the content is long enough, it must be right and full of evidence, so it can save us the time of actually going through the content.

The sheer amount of content makes Heuristic (or Lazy processing) more likely. People don't have the time to check the full sales copy or read the full testimonials.

Action Item:

Jam-packed sales pages (product pages or landing pages) with testimonials, photos, stats and numbers to give prospects more than enough reasons to fall on the "Length-Implies-Strength" Heuristic.

Cashvertising pg. 75