📌 Currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Building & Growing Kim & Kimmy

Building and growing globally Kim & Kimmy, baby diaper & wet wipes brand that aims to revolutionize a stagnant industry that hasn't seen innovation since disposable diapers were first invented (1930). Driving innovation through distribution, product R&D, and go-to-market strategies (Mainly ecom DTC).

I use my data science knowledge to find out solutions to problems I currently experience while building this business. Not to find the ultimate truth, I think that differs for everyone, but to find my truth. Or at least the truth that will serve me for that particular problem.

It's just how I like to approach life, Always based on data.

Building Weekend Projects with AI

Generally on weekends I like to create and play with AI. Building things that will save me time. Or building things that will help me don't do anymore those things that I don't enjoy.

Efficient Knowledge & Tracking Systems

I'm also hobby-researching more efficient knowledge systems. Our dinosaur brain can't keep up with the exponential growth of information availability and exposure; The problem with this is that, while tech advances, our capabilities to learn decreases as content-rich environments steal the necessary focus to make the learning happen.

This is probably why books worked in the past and I don't think they do now. See "Why books don't work"

(Andy Matuschak, “Why books don’t work”,, San Francisco (2019).

Luhmann's Zettelkasten, Forte's Second Brain, Matuschak's Quantum Country, and spaced repetition are all offering novel ways to learn quickly/efficiently.

However, The primary challenges are adapting content consumption channels, discriminating between useful vs useless content, creating efficient capture methods that integrate with our digital lives, as well as honing our personal knowledge management (PKM) skills with the correct software & hardware.

In synthesis:

  1. Content Consumption Channels
  2. Content Filtering (What's useful vs What's not)
  3. Content Funnel (Collection / Capture methods)
  4. PKM's Personal Knowledge Management (Software, Hardware, Architecture & Curation)
  5. Mnemonic Methods for reliable learning

Hand in hand with knowledge consumption, curation and storages comes application & tracking where things begin to transform into somewhat (to be conservative) tricky.

I do feel very bullish about self-tracking and the dramatic effect it will have in our lives. Finding the optimal behaviours, foods, exercises for our individual & unique selves.

I'm leveraging Data Science and AI API's to write about how this field could move forward.