AI Regenerative Performance Headlines

Created: 2022-12-31 17:12

Quick AI Ecom business idea for the take.

Set up statistical A/B tests with regenerative headlines made by AI. The weights and parameters of the tests will be done using Data Science and a threshold of Alpha will determine headline winners.

I imagine this being:

1. Headline Control is used as a seed to generate other n headlines with AI <- Which control being your existing headline.
2. Headlines need to be approved by humans <- Over a pool of options.Good options are rewarded by being taught into a vector store like Pinecone.
3. A/B test starts diverting traffic into equal portions and weights <- Depending on the traffic volume and conversion objective.
4. Alpha threshold for statistical significance is set to determine the winner variation <- Winner variations stay while loosing ones are switched off. AI regenerates new headlines based on winning combos.

AI might eventually find better angles for you to sell your product.