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Capitalizing on AI

Here's How You Can Capitalise on building on top of AI... Even when it seems OpenAI wants to cover the whole market with its plugins.

AI Regenerative Performance Headlines

Quick AI Ecom business idea for the take.

Law of Category

How can you make sure that your customers remember who you are? What variables increase memorability?Why are some things memorable?

On Avoiding Trends

You really don't want to be the nth company on anything.

Set Sail With Accurate CPA's

You can outbid competitors when you have a strong back end. I will upload a public jupyter notebook soon to plug in to Shopify and get your perfect CPA.

A Counterintuitive Tip

The simpler the copy is, the more your prospects read, the more your prospects read the more likely you are to persuading them into action.

Specific Ads

A 1-min read with a ROAS increasing takeaway. Create a visual vivid image on their minds with your ads by being very explicit.

Cashvertising's Ego-Morphing

How to sell more by describing a customer's future ego.

Dunning Kruger Effect

Did you know? Poor entrepreneurs (in terms of quality, bad entrepreneurs), or for this matter anyone really; often feel **more** successful than good entrepreneurs.

This Site

I've planned this site to be as compact and practical as possible. With actionable knowledge blocks you can apply today.

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