Hormozi AI Offer Creator

Dream Outcome:

The ultimate benefit your product or service solves. We're not merely talking about features or functionalities, but about the deep and meaningful impact these can have on people's lives. These benefits need to be linked to their sense of survival or well-being, as Drew Whitman pointed out in his book "Cashvertising" when discussing the Life Force 8.

Perceived Likelihood of Achievement:

It's not just the promise of an outcome that drives people to take action, but also how feasible they see achieving that outcome. Therefore, it's important to convey how easy it will be for them. Does it require a lot of willpower or discipline? Is the process easy to follow? How advanced do I need to be in this field to be able to implement what is proposed? And if I get stuck, is there support or help available?

Time Delay:

The time factor is crucial. People want to know how long they will have to wait to see the promised results. Moreover, they will want to know what happens if they do not see those results within the estimated time. Is there a guarantee that ensures they will get what was promised in the proposed timeframe?

Effort + Sacrifice:

Last but not least, there's the aspect of the required sacrifice or investment. What's the price? But we're not only talking about monetary cost, it can also refer to personal effort, dedicated time, invested energy, etc. All these are factors people consider before making a decision.

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