Dunning Kruger Effect

Poor entrepreneurs (in terms of quality, bad entrepreneurs), or for this matter anyone really; often feel **more** successful than good entrepreneurs. Because they lack insights of their real capacities until they are tested in the real world.

This can happen with students, athletes or anyone. Particularly as soon as they start out with something new. Testing opportunities are not frequent at first.

It'd be similar to an inverse Impostor Syndrome. The bad ones or the ones who haven't put enough effort into it feel more successful and confident as they lack an external force to actually be their measuring stick. Reality always ends up hitting and it hits hard.

Dunning Kruger effect is the high confidence at the beggining of the pursuit.

Once we start investing time and effort into anything we start to underestimate our capabilities and start suffering from Impostor Syndrome.

As you invest time in this new discipline, your "Dunning Kruger levels fall while Impostor Syndrome levels rise"

"How To Take Smart Notes" pg. 7