This Site

I've planned this site to be as compact and practical as possible. With actionable knowledge blocks you can apply today, and their references (By title and by page) so that you can continue reading if you'd like to go deeper. I also like to write about toy projects I build on the weekend plus some insights while building Kim & Kimmy.

I hope you treat this site as another content consumption channel for you, hopefully a bit more distilled and adapted for actionability.

I will try for this to be as an online replica (with limited functionalities and a fraction of the notes) of my local Obsidian storage that contains hundreds of notes.

Obsidian Graph View - Feb 12 2023

Writing on this site mainly to document the journey, while hopefully providing value to some.

It works the same way as my Obsidian setup that mimics the human brain. Just 3 folders.

Index/ Map of Contents - Can have as many categories as you'd like

Fleeting / Transient Notes - This is the same as a draft folder

Permanent Notes - Just one folder for all finished knowledge blocks